Saturday, September 30, 2017

Watching Love Grow

Having an education background means that the joy of growth is not lost on me.  I love to watch people change and flourish, especially children.  So, when I had the chance to photograph Crystal's family for a second time, I was both excited and nervous.  I was excited because I knew the people would be different than our first session.  After all, their family added their son only a few months ago, and their daughter was only 1 last time we were together.  I was worried, though, that doing pictures in the same space wouldn't be "new enough".  Once we started the session though, it was clear to me that being in the same space was going to be a beautiful thing.

I remembered shots in this window from our last time.  It was so amazing to see a changing family of four, with a growing little helper, stand in that same space.  And I loved sitting in the living room again with the whole clan - and particularly by the window that has been such a loved place for their daughter.  It was neat to see how it had changed ever so slightly into a landing space for the family to hang out.

For this session, the weather allowed for us to be outdoors, and since Crystal's family is a very natural based one, it is no surprise that they have a garden in the front yard.  Crystal and her daughter have spent a lot of time in this garden, so it is no big thing to go vegetable picking on a Saturday morning.

And as any Mom can tell you, there are things that you make a part of your daily routine that help you keep your sanity.  For this family, it is their morning walks, and it was so fun to see the four of them just be together.

I fully believe that the beauty of sessions like this is actually the simplicity of the uninterrupted time together.  Time to explore and play.  Time to take a breath and gather flowers from the garden.  I loved that this is such a normal part of their life.  Their little one needed no direction and it was perfect.

It's the story a session like this creates that leaves you holding your breath, hoping it never ends, knowing it certainly will.  It's the joy you have in playing in the bed with your littles and having little moments that somehow escape us in our busy world today.

And then being able to snuggle in with a book after a morning of play and absorbing all the world has to offer.

This one life we all have is truly beautiful.  I hope that a session like this shows you how beautiful life can be when you slow down and set aside whatever it might be that stops you from spending serious quality time with your peeps.  Let it refresh your soul.

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