Friday, July 15, 2022

Christmas Cookies in July

When I went to start this blog post, it made me chuckle to open up my blog and realize the last time I put up a post was December 2021 - and that it was actually about Christmas.  Unlike today, where I am going to put together a post about Christmas cookies - from Christmas - in July.  If you have had the chance to spend time with us in the last few years, you'll know that things haven't quite returned to normal for us - although we are significantly closer than we were a couple of years ago.  This means that I often need to live life day by day.  Most days are ok, but honestly, my heart is still healing from a rough few years.  Recently, I considered just quietly letting my blog end (and for those that are curious, I am still unsure about my business quietly ending).  This week, though, it occurred to me that I often find great joy writing these posts.  And my girl loves them.  And I am literally creating a time capsule for my family.  So, here I am, posting us making Christmas cookies from December, in July.

As I look at my messy kitchen and my family in their everyday digs, I can't help but smile.  This IS my kitchen and my people - in all its beautiful chaos.  I once took pictures in a friend's kitchen and she proudly proclaimed to me that she had cleaned her counters before I came over.  It was lovely, but totally foreign to me in the pictures.  Her kitchen, like so many of us, typically had used counters.  Maybe one day I will be able to keep my counters clean.  In the mean time, I embrace the clutter.  It certainly doesn't stop us from knocking out some yummy Christmas cookies - starting with my girl and her favorites: sugar cookies.  Secretly, I think she likes those the best because she gets to decorate them.  It's certainly a labor of love to get those things from start to finish.

My boy is a standard chocolate chip kid.  Ignore those Craisins - those are for my husband's World's Best Cookies recipe.  Don't ignore that goof ball smile hidden behind my boy's silliness though.  I will miss that kid this fall more than I can describe.  Good thing the dog and Christmas cookies will bring him home.  The cookies may be standard, but he's still serious about the cooking.  I mean, who wants to mess up chocolate chip cookies.  That would be sad.

While the boys' cookies baked (sorry, I missed my husband's baking this year), my girl's were done and ready to be iced.  Oh the joy she finds in bringing her creations to life.  And also the joy my son might find in sitting back and waiting.  I rather loved that he landed right under that mistletoe.

And the final sugar cookie creation.  I have to laugh at the backwards (NEW & made by my son) logo.  Evidently when you flip a picture, Lightroom likes to give you away in the print templates.  Ha!  Oh well.  Here's to embracing the chaos!