Monday, September 25, 2017

The Family Farm

When God brings people into my life that I am fairly confident I would have never hustled enough to reach, I feel both humbled and blessed.  Rebecca has been one of those people.  From a beautiful group of women that support each other's businesses, to a close-to-home small women's retreat at the perfect time, to this beautiful family session Rebecca wanted to do on their farm, I have no doubt that this is all God (and I already know He's got more).  This my mission friends: being present, connecting to one another, abiding in God's presence and love - and I couldn't have been more excited about it.

So, the Pierce family played together.

And when their toddler was all done with the game and wanted to explore on his tricycle, that was just fine.  When there was a pause in the game to sell produce from the family farm, that was fine too.

 When the game ran out, there was time to take a sweet break, and introduce me to some cotton candy grapes.

I always make sure to try and get one posed family shot.  This response, however, and that kiss?  All them.

There was time for late afternoon egg collecting.

 And working together with your Momma before your one-on-one time is a little bit less.

 I believe time like this is so beautiful because you have chosen to set aside distractions and are able to focus on the simple way God has created us to be: with one another and in His presence.

They were able to watch all their family members continue to learn the value of helping and being part of God's greater picture.

And then simple rest together.  It really is one of God's greatest gifts.

Of course, another of God's great gifts for this family was adding one more (as you can see).  My friend informed me almost immediately after I set my camera aside that her water broke as we were finishing off.  They added in their newest little bundle the very next day.  Rebecca desired to have these pictures to hold on to what she expects to be her final pregnancy, as well as their farming family of 5 before they became 6.  I'd say we got that in - and you have to be in awe of God's perfect timing.

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