Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Watching an Artist Grow

You know when you watch someone work at something and you can just SEE how they are wired differently for it?  There's something about their focus, intensity, and demeanor that makes you stand in awe of them and know they have something special.  In the last year, I have seen this in our girl more and more as she gains confidence in her art skills.  However, this artist doesn't often love an audience, so when she recently decided to try some chalk art on the driveway, she quietly snuck out of the house and the rest of the house was completely oblivious to her work.

Later, when I went outside to see what she was up to, I was blown away - and promptly grabbed my camera.  I have loved watching her grow in this space and begin to come into her own.  One of my favorite things about this time was the messiness that came with creating.  Her hair was tasseled all around her and her hands were covered in chalk.  It was really beautiful to watch her create something in a sort of effortless way.

Remember that intensity and focus I mentioned earlier?  It's something I always admire about people as they create.  I love to watch as their hands are driven by their determined stares.  It's as if they are creating with their eyes.  Watching my girl as she stared down her creation was no different and made me smile to see her go.

I watched her as she studied her subject, meticulously drawing lines, chalking in each area, and then rubbing the chalk to achieve just the right shade and texture.  She would then softly blow away the dust to reveal her progress and continue on.

When her first one was done (is anyone surprised by a panda), she took a break for the night and we covered it with a tarp for predicted overnight rain.  In the morning, she touched up the spots and asked about my favorite Disney characters.  Within a few hours, she had completed two more and was ready for her next round.  It was a bit surreal to see her progress.

Her final character was Squirt - her friend, Olivia's favorite character.  With great care and love, she carefully crafted Squirt.  He was beautiful and had details I had never noticed about him before.

I watched her giddiness as he came together and as she gently worked at each detail.  Her inner yogi would bubble to the surface as she attempted to stay above the drawings so as to not disturb them.  And just as before, she carefully chalked, rubbed, and blew away the dust as she progressed through her work.

The final collection was definitely a sight to be held - particularly for her first real attempt at chalk art!!  And even as I began editing on this set, our girl just kept going, providing one more time I couldn't say no.

I mean, chalk art at sunset  ... who CAN say no to that?!?!

Until next time,