Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Documenting Your Everyday - Step 2

Hi friends!  Last post, I gave you your first step to becoming a better documenter of your everyday lives during this crisis.  How's that been going?  I remember starting at that step (unknowingly) and finding myself STRUGGLING to overcome my previous habits and really do that step well.  It took some time, and honestly, I still struggle sometimes, so if you have had a hard time making the transition, have heart.  It gets better, just keep practicing.  If you missed it, make sure you go check it out because it really is the foundation of being able to do this well.  And leave me a comment on that post to let me know how it helped you.

Step 2 is very reliant on whether or not you have been successfully working on step 1.  When I work with clients, I always have a sit down meeting with them to learn what I call the "insider secrets" about their people.  It's one of my favorite parts of this style of photography!  I love to sit and listen to a parent start to spill all these beautiful details about their family members.  Since YOU are the actual insider though, you likely already KNOW all of that knowledge that I have to go collect.  The one thing is, you probably haven't ever really paid attention and made a list of it all.  So, that is step 2 - (silent) Observing and Noting.  In addition to our quarantine images, I am going to pull from my archives too, so you can have a better understanding on this one.

What you will note for each person will be different, and it will very much be a reflection of how you see them.  Here's a VERY short list for the people in my house and images that I feel like show that piece.  My husband: his hard work / serious looks, his baby blues, his lightheartedness and silliness, especially as he plays with the kids, his multiple unique smiles.

My son: his kindheartedness, his goofiness, how he behaves when he is uncomfortable, his serious face.

My daughter: her infectious laugh / smile, her care and love for others, her more serious side, her openness (with us) to dance / sing with shows or play pretend.

The most important piece here is to really be observant and start writing things down - and this list can collect for a while.  In fact, when we finally get out of this isolation thing, if you and I get to work together, this will be a big help when we sit down to talk about your session and family.  More importantly though, it will be a huge blessing as we all continue to spend tons of time in our homes together. 

So remember, (1) be present by single tasking, and (2) be observing and taking notes.  Recognize that when observing, it's important that you not be directing or controlling people or a situation.  Your main objective is to be watching people for who they are naturally, not who you tell them to be.  And be watching for the beauty God has designed in them, even in their PJ's and messy hair.

Until next time,