Monday, June 5, 2017

June 5-on-5: Doll Dress Up

I'm excited to be sharing my 5-on-5 story with everyone again this month!  I have been doing this circle for almost two years and I have enjoyed all that has come out of this project.  It forces me to sit and watch for true short stories in my everyday life.  With a limit of 5 images to share, I have to be watching for something that will only take a few minutes to shoot, but still be able to have a start to end process.

So, the other day, when Little Miss pulled out a matching doll and her dress that she had gotten at Christmas time, and asked if they could both wear them, I thought what a perfect time to shoot.

I loved the process of watching her smoosh, I mean, dress, the doll.  I was so glad that doll is flexible!

I also loved watching her little hands busy at work.  She will only be "little" a short time longer.  She is already growing up fast and I know it doesn't get any slower.

 This corner of our living room is the doll station, so when she plays, she is surrounded by all sorts of doll things.  I love that corner.  I love how it is overflowing with pieces of my own childhood and things that make playing with a doll and pretending to be a mom, real.

 And that smile.  Oh that smile.  Side by side with her little doll and couldn't be happier to be "twins".

And a lesson to the masses of, "take the shot before things change."  In just a few short weeks, our girl's look has changed.  Those long locks were in desperate need of a cut and are now close to her shoulders.  And last weekend, she fell and fractured her arm, now leaving her in a sparkly purple cast (be on the look out, because you know my camera went along).

Ok, it's time to pass the baton!  Up next in the circle is my talented friend, Stephanie Woodward, a Utah documentary family photography.  Our group is excited about growing and having more stories to share with you, so we hope you love the bigger circle this month!!  And don't forget that we photographers love to hear that our work spoke to you, so make sure to leave us likes and loves and comments if it did!

Until next time,