Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RTS - St. Louis Styled Shoot (Behind the Scenes)

I think that sometimes when you see the finished beauty of a styled shoot or event, you tend to forget all the hard, HARD work that goes on behind the scenes to make something like that look - well, beautiful.  To watch people seamlessly step into their role for any event to come together is both an expected and surprising occasion.

There were literally over a dozen creatives that made this event shine.  To lay the groundwork, our amazing co-leaders at St. Louis Rising Tide Society, Abby Willtrout and Beth Marmino, planted the seed within our group and began to get to work.  Event stylist Vanessa Meagher came along side and began pulling together important pieces for the day.  These ladies worked tirelessly before many of us even stepped onto the scene.  Awesome day clothing from Arch Apparel, beautiful dress items from Paperdolls Boutique, amazing models from Talent Plus, and a gorgeous view from a spot atop Three Sixty were all things that were set before our day even started!

Once creatives arrived, it was time to get things prepped.  Hair and makeup is a big deal with a styled shoot, and Alissa did an awesome job of taking care of our girls.  Beth's job as a stylist feels never ending while the shoot is going, making sure that accessories work well and the fit is just right.  I loved this moment below when she shared a note with us from the owners of Paperdolls and several photographers gathered around to get a good shot!  Details, details!

Once our models were ready, our group took off for Busch Stadium to get our first shots set up.  Photographers hit the ground running and are looking for angles in lots of different situations.  It's always neat to see how a group of different photographers will shoot the same scene and get awesomely different results.

I have loved getting to know so many different creatives, and especially photographers, through this group.  In the middle shots above are photographers David Jin and Cassy Benedict.  They are both wonderful photographers and great folks to work with!!

Below are Abby Willtrout in the top layer, and mixed in in the turquoise is the awesome Kelly Gordon, both working hard to get their own beautifully unique shots.

In the shots above you'll find the fantastic Sarah Gibbs working her magic behind the lens and rocking her sweet style.  And the hand-lettering on our proposal note below was written by the talented Dana Michelle.

It's not all work for a styled event; we still have to have some fun and down time too.  I loved the girls laughing during the models' wardrobe change and having a chance to rest.  Deva Williams, our awesome cake artist, designed that scrumptious cake you see above.  With a luscious filling, if you can imagine, it tastes even more fantastic than it looks.

Our hard working crew in action!  Lots of folks in the restaurant were curious to know what all the hubbub was about.  It was fun to fill them in.

To end our shoot, we got a few last images of our models in their STL gear with the Arch in the background.  It was an amazing group of creatives and vendors that came together for an awesome styled shoot!!


Wardrobe Styling:
Paperdolls Boutique -  https://www.instagram.com/pdshopgirl/
Ball Park Hilton + 360 - https://www.instagram.com/360rooftopbar/

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