Thursday, June 15, 2017

Mother + Daughter (pictures by my son)

Being a photographer is sometimes a struggle for me.  I desperately want to hold on to my memories of my people - but along with that, I want my people to be able to hold on to memories of me.  It's typical that I am missing in my pictures.  I am an empty spot in the memories.  Sometimes it makes me sad to think about how often I was present, but how rarely I am in the pictures.  In this case though, I had to be present in the story, so I set my camera settings, re-explained some important details like focus, and added in a new one of perspective, then handed off my camera to my son.  The story you see below is what resulted (with editing and direction from me while he shot).

This project was a trial run for my MOPS Mommas.  I had a vision in my mind of what I hoped would work for an end of the year gift, but I needed to practice one to make sure it would work.  When you need a guinea pig as a teacher, your child is typically a great one, and I really wanted to remember this time with my girl.  She loves crafting so much and begged to be a part of this project before I even had the chance to ask.

 When I talked with my son about using different perspectives before we began, I made sure to mention that he would not only want to shoot from different places, but also shoot the details that tell important parts to the story, just like a writer does.  I love that he got our hands working together and a silly shot of my daughter.

He did a wonderful job here with catching progression too.  My daughter frequently curls into my neck and plays with my necklace.  I loved that he caught that.  And below, that he was able to catch the story of the final lift to show the finished project.

I would say that the end result was a success for both the MOPS gift and the time I spent with my daughter!  (*A small side note, if you were to want to try this project at home, the paint in the bottles is a mixture of standard acrylic paint and fabric paint.)

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