Sunday, November 27, 2016

St. Louis Rising Tide Society + Sole Hope

Over a year ago, I joined a group called The Rising Tide Society, whose goal is to encourage creative entrepreneurs through community over competition.  As a part of that goal, cities across the US have created local groups and have monthly meetings to build relationships and business knowledge.  I adore this group.  The people are amazing and are such great folks to work with and learn from.  As a person who was cautious about jumping into business, I needed a lot of time and support to feel ready - and so many of the people in the group gave me both.

In November, our meeting was focused on philanthropy and giving back.  Our group got together to create the pieces needed to make shoes for Sole Hope.  With one of our members being the owner at a wonderful new space called Roar | St. Louis, it seemed to be the perfect spot.

 As a group of creatives, we look for different places to meet each time.  We need a space small enough for us to feel close, but still large enough to spread out.  Quiet enough to have conversation, but fun enough to handle our personalities.  Roar was a great fit.  The space was open, quiet, unique, and warm.  It fit us and our needs so perfectly and had us all wandering around checking out the neat details.  *Side bonus, while the whole building is able to be rented for events, the space has two picture windows set up for - you guessed it - photographers to rent.

 One of the most important things this group offers is the chance to meet with creative business owners who simply support one another.  We bounce ideas and share successes and cheer each other on in wonderful ways.

  Since our goal in meeting for November was multi-purpose, we came ready to get to work!  Ahead of time, our members gathered the core pieces for our project: jeans, plastic jugs, scissors, markers, safety pins and many joyful spirits ready to give back.

 To get us working, we all got the chance to learn about the company we were coming together for.  Sole Hope provides not only shoes for the people of Uganda, but so much more.  It was amazing to learn about their mission (check it out here).

The meeting was such a wonderful time.  We got the chance to share great conversation and business topics over a mission that lets us give back.  And when the month is focused on giving thanks, what a great way to do it.

In the end, we cut and prepared enough material to make almost a dozen pairs of shoes, which then got mailed on to shoemakers and tailors in the local Uganda community to finish the process.  If you are encouraged by what you see, and would be interested in having your own Shoe Cutting Party, go here for the details:  In this time of giving, it sure was a wonderful way to give back.

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