Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Traditions: Pumpkin Picking

Well, it's fall here in the Midwest, and for many families, that means going pumpkin picking.  And while our days always seem to be hectic no matter the season of life we are in (Amen?), we try to make sure little things like this get a bump to the top.  Especially since when we only had 1, it seemed so easy to do.

Our girl, determined and focused, walked in and had her pumpkin picked in about 7.3 seconds.  It was a good thing I was ready, because I surely could have missed it.  That's the way a strong girl goes sometimes though, and it's perfectly fine with me.

 Being on a farm brings lots of new ways to have fun.  The boys decided that a first time horse ride was on the list for our girl.  I was a little unsure with her being so little, but the boys were positive it would be just fine.  I think maybe big brother just wanted to get to be her protector and defender.

And that worked out perfect, because as it turned out, our girl was a bit timid and slid from the saddle more than her share.  It was nice to have him keeping her safe.

After our ride, we got to get a look at some of the other horses close by and have a fun chat with them.  It was a neat interaction to get to be a witness to, as my son introduced my daughter to the idea of talking nicely to an animal.

Then it was off to the playground!  It seems that no matter where we go, a new or forgotten playground is always exciting.  And that was no exception here.  While the big kid played in the huge air tunnel (which my camera wasn't loving), our little one was content with playing in sand.  And I was in love with all that light streaming through her hair and the details she was putting into that lovely sand "meal" she was preparing.

After all that, the sun was starting to set and our time was winding down.  With still one last thing to take care of, we gathered children and shoes and got them all together.  If you know my husband and his family, feet tickling is almost an addiction.  Whether it's my feet or my children's feet, my husband just can't resist, so to say that these pictures stole my heart is an understatement.  These are moments I want to cling to.  And that light?  Well, it's just nice icing.

Last on our list was getting our boy his pumpkin. Unlike his younger counterpart, his decision took a literal minute. Walking and thinking and turning it around in his hand - all important parts of picking just the right pumpkin.

In the end, an all around fun time with some wonderful pumpkins to come home for carving!  I can't wait for you to see what becomes of them.

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