Thursday, June 27, 2019

The Playoff Beard

Let's talk superstitions.  Hockey playoff superstitions - in the form of a certain facial hair collection of sorts.  According to Wikipedia, the tradition started in the 1980's with NHL players and has transitioned to fans - specifically to my husband.  My lovely husband whom I adore, but whose beard I could certainly do without.

So when the Blues were in the playoffs, and then WON THE STANLEY CUP, that beard coming off felt like it might never happen.  Seriously.  And THEN.  Then, my husband informed me that the beard can't come off until after the Championship Parade.  Of course.  Let me just say, the excitement I had over the shots I got at that parade came pretty close to how I felt that night when my husband told me he was going to shave.

Even more exciting - or maybe adorable - is that my daughter was excited too.  And so she asked if she could help.   And how do you say no to that?

While maybe not an everyday occurance for my girl to shave my husband's playoff beard off, certainly something as simple as shaving IS.  I see the little details that I want to remember about today - my daughter's sweet smile and the way her hair falls around her still young face; the gray hair that is mixed in with my husband's beard.

There's a lot of trust in a situation like this, at least from my point of view.  My husband certainly guided my daughter, but at 6, her experience with shaving off a 2 month old beard is zilch.  My husband never seems to mind those sorts of things that make me cringe.

She was pretty adorable and excited about not only what she was able to do, but about getting to see Daddy's face again.  I'm right there with you sister.

And when the shaving cream came out, the giggles did too.  It might have been my husband's most favorite part.

Everyday life is too boring for professional photos?  Not a chance.  Every day spent engaging with those you love has beautiful moments that are totally worth it.

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