Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Stages

There are times in life where we are both excited about the next stage and simultaneously wishing that the stage we are in didn't have to end.  I think a first pregnancy is often like that, especially when you are newly married.  Your time as a married couple has just gotten started and you may have hardly had the chance to begin your journey as a couple.  At the same time, you are so excited about your next step and having your first child together, that you can hardly wait for the day to arrive!

While doing my most recent maternity session, I was reminded of this beautiful balance of stages.  Mom and Dad had decided to do some Saturday morning routines together.  For them, that meant checking a couple of things off their to-do list, like putting away baby laundry and building the raved about Rock-N-Play for their little girl's arrival.  It was so fun to watch them work through their tasks and chat about their thoughts on what having this new little person would be like.

 While Mom and Dad were glad to be getting ready for their new journey, those pups weren't as excited about that first item on the to-do list.  Lucky for them, the weather really cooperated for us this morning and God blessed us with a beautiful morning for a walk around the block.  Streaming sunlight lit the path and crocuses even dotted lawns as we walked.  Of course, real life with two pups means tangled lines every once in a while, but no one seemed to mind too much.

After checking off the to-do list and taking a morning walk, breakfast was definitely in order.  I loved to watch this couple take on their roles side-by-side.  Little things like taking care of Momma's water while pregnant is such a great way to love on us.

And I loved to see this couple say a blessing over their food as we finished up our time together.  You can tell their love for each other is going to make them wonderful parents.

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