Monday, November 13, 2017

Hawaii #2: Pearl Harbor

Although this trip was my family's first chance to see Hawaii, for me, it was a second chance at paradise.  Due to the generosity of an amazing family (a cousin stationed there and my unbelievable parents), I was able to have a week's stay in Hawaii for a graduation gift.  However, because I was a teenager and always struggled to love history, when it rained the day we had slotted to go to Pearl Harbor, I voted to skip it.  It is a decision I have regretted every time I think about that trip.

This time, with a husband that has taught me a better appreciation for history, and a chance to have a do-over, I knew that wouldn't happen.  Pearl Harbor has so much to explore and learn about, and so we chose to take advantage of it all by spending the full day there and getting an audio tour that would fill us in as we walked (I always recommend these).  We spent the beginning of our time on the USS Arizona Memorial.  Words are a struggle to give the true feel for a place like this, but I will do my best as I go.

 While the ocean has begun to take over and create life out of loss, oil from the ship continues to slowly escape into the water each day.  Sometimes dubbed as black tears, it is said to be the tears of the crew lost that day.

The memorial and wall is both beautiful and breath taking all at one time.  Although you might have a size in your mind that you think it is, in person, it is so much bigger.

After exploring the Arizona Memorial, we headed back to wonder the rest of the Pearl Harbor Memorials and continue on our audio tour.

It was surreal to walk around.  We saw and heard about so many artifacts and models from our country's forced entry into war.  It was neat to see it all through the eyes of a teenager who is still learning about so much of our country's history.

Of course, as a photographer, the images are breath taking to me and are such a valuable piece of history.

After learning all the memorial had to share with us about the Arizona, we spent some time visiting the USS Bowfin Submarine and museum.  My family agreed that being able to walk around and see all the Bowfin had inside was a pretty surprising stop.

We also got to explore the Battleship Missouri and hear about her many missions.  My boys enjoyed this the most, getting to walk around the decks and have the guide tell them details they would never have known on their own. 

We spent our final bit of remaining time checking out the Pacific Aviation Museum.  I loved the images they use to welcome you!  Their space was a neat environment and had so many different planes on display with combat stories.

This stop was an incredible piece of our trip and I am so glad to be able to share it!  If you missed Stop #1 at Waikiki Beach & Diamond Head, you can head over here to read about it. Get ready for some beach hopping coming your way soon!

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  1. I felt like I was there with you. Thank you for sharing your experience and also how your son got to experience history. The location looked so empty... perfect for photos!