Wednesday, April 5, 2017

April 5-on-5: April Showers

It's hard to believe that April is here already; I feel like March just sort of quietly sneaked out on me while I wasn't looking.  But, the calendar doesn't lie, so April it is.  And while I am personally struggling and sad with the fact that time is moving along so quickly, as a documentary photographer, I try to do all I can to bottle it.

The teacher in me still pops out every once in a while, and seasons and holidays are still very much a "thing" in my adult life, along with those little sing-songy phrases you know from your childhood.  And  I love to embrace the signs of those things in our lives.  Enter, Spring Showers and a toddler with an umbrella, new rain coat, and some good solid rain.  Bonus, Daddy even jumped in on this one.  Hopefully it brings back some sweet memories of your childhood or your own children playing in the rain.

Before you run off to grab your umbrella and kids to go play in the rain, you gotta quickly swing through the circle. The beautiful work of Jen Krafchik, Chestertown Maryland Storytelling Family Photographer, is up next with her April story.  (Side note: when I timed how long it took me to get through our circle before, it was a big 7 minutes. I know you need a few minutes away with beautiful pictures, so go on then! And we photographers love to know our stories and images touched your hearts, so stop being so shy and leave us some sweet thoughts.)

Until next time,


  1. Melissa, Love this little snippet! She definitely looks like she's having a grand old time! I also love that you went through the circle and "timed" it!! I love reading everyone's stories.

  2. Melissa, LOVE, love this! Your photos have a depth and color that are beautiful! The jumping photos is my personal favorite!

  3. I love these shots, Melissa! We've certainly had a lot of opportunities to play in the rain this spring!