Thursday, July 26, 2018

Finger Painting

When it comes to photography, I have different sides I see.  I have the side that observes and wants to photograph the beauty of everyday life, and then the side that grabs my camera when something is being done for the first, or sometimes last, time.  This one was a first for us.  As a stay-at-home Mom, you would think that my girl has finger painted plenty at the age of 5, but actually, until this time, she had not done it before (at least, not with me that I remember - lol).  My son hated the feeling of paint on his hands, so finger painting wasn't really on my radar.  That in conjunction with the mess (I embrace lots of things, but messes are hard for me sometimes) made this an easy pass.

And then we went to the store for a couple of things and there it was: a pad of finger painting paper on clearance for $1.  Next to it, a box of paint for $2.  My girl, lover of all things painting related, begged me in the sweetest way, "Can we get it?  Please Momma?  Please?!?"  I'm a sucker for her sometimes, so in the cart and home it went.

The beginning was a bit of experimenting with ways to paint and mixing colors.

And getting a full hand print for the first time was a bit of a thrill for my girl.

We gave it a try with more paint starting on the paper and just swirling the paint.

While fun, my girl is often series about her painting and seemed unsure about the results, so I suggested she actually use her finger to paint.

That seemed to pull the concentrated artist out of her.

In the end, she still enjoyed painting her entire hand and slapping it down on that paper (I mean, who doesn't).

And really, clean up was pretty easy - and totally worth it for the smiles.

Until next time,

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