Saturday, January 6, 2018

2017 Reflections

Many years ago, when I was still teaching, I learned that I am a reflective thinker.  In some ways, it is a great benefit.  I find myself looking back into my days, weeks, and even years thinking about all the things and sometimes randomly checking back in on friends' struggles.  In other ways, it is terribly difficult.  When things end, the reflective thinker in me just keeps looking back.  2017 was a tough year, and although moving forward means moving away from that tough stuff, sometimes, it's not that easy.  Some things, no matter how hard they were to go through, are difficult to simply let go of.  To admit that they are over.  Especially things you didn't want to end.  So, in my reflecting, I am working on creating one large collage for our wall, in hopes of creating a new one each year - a way to remember it all (and no surprise that this is what draws me to documentary photography).  Here are some of my favorite reflective moments of 2017.

As I look into 2018, I am hopeful.  I am hopeful that our losses are less and that we are reminded of our many blessings in the midst of wherever God takes our journey.  I pray that you are as well.

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